iwata lighting products adopt 5-Color Engine technology and it can easily cope with complex and detailed color calculations. Brightness and color do not affect each other so that it brings more accurate color performance, wider color gamut, and more realistic and delicate low-saturation colors.

iwata 5-Color Engine

5-Color Engine brings wide color temperature range. With a cinema-grade color temperature range of 2,000K-10,000K, it can create color temperature effects including tungsten light, fluorescent light, noon or evening sunlight, and bring a broader space for creation.

iwata 5-Color Engine CCT

5-Color Engine dispays low-saturated colors. Traditional photography lighting uses RGB color mixing mode to reduce saturation. In this case, it is difficult to display the original color of the subject accurately. iwata adopts unique and original 5-Color Engine mode to deduce accurate low-saturated colors through powerful computing performance and 5-Color LED.