$129.00 USD

Are you tired of setting up a softbox for its monotony? What if we give you a chance to try a new type and it just needs one second to install?

Flip 20G/24G Portable Softbox is known as the world first Flippable softbox. It can be easily set up and closed in 1 second with one hand! It is a softbox that never existed before!


  • Design for Convenience: Set up and collapse in 1 second! The Speedbox Flip 20G/24G Softbox can be folded and opened without much effort! It is much easier to set up and close than traditional softboxes.
flip 20g/24g portable softbox fast set-up
  • Angle Control Grip: Press the angle grip by hand to change to the desired angle, safe and quick. While using traditional softboxes, you need to loosen and re-tighten the angle grip after angulation.
flip 20g/24g portable softbox angle adjustment
  • Spigot Tightening Nut: The softbox is very convenient to be fixed in two steps: locking and opening. And you never have to worry about losing the tightening screw!
flip 20g/24g portable softbox mount
  • All-In-One Diffuser: It allows you to be free of packing diffuser separately anymore! The waterproof and high-quality non-fluorescent fabric prevents fabric deformation and color distortion.
flip 20g/24g portable softbox diffuser
  • Two Models Supportable: It is compatible with Speedlite and Profoto A series lights.
flip 20g/24g portable softbox compatible mount
  • Easy and Fast: Edge Velcro System applied to reduce assembly time as much as possible when you use grid! 
flip 20g/24g portable softbox grid
  • Lightweight and Functional: Flip 20G/24G Softbox is suitable for anyone who wants to reduce their luggage during outdoor shooting; anyone who prefers products that are easy to assemble due to narrow indoor photography; anyone who wants to shorten assembly time and shorten shooting time; anyone who prefers for easy-to-use products; anyone who uses Speedlite and Profoto A series.
Speedbox Flip Softbox adapter compatibility


  • Weight: Flip 20G: 420 g (14.8 oz.)
Flip 24G: 460 g (16.2 oz.)
    • Size: Flip 20G: 440 x 130 mm (17.32 × 5.12 in.)
    Flip 24G: 525 x 130 mm (20.67 × 5.12 in.) 
      • Diameter: Flip 20G: 500 mm (19.69 in. )
      Flip 24G: 600 mm (23.62 in.)
        • Depth: Flip 20G: 250 mm (9.84 in.)
        Flip 24G: 290 mm (11.42 in.)
          flip 20g/24g portable softbox size measurement


          • 1 x Flip 20G/24G Softbox
          • 1 x C Adapter / S Adapter
          • 1 x 20G/24G Grid
          • 1 x Exclusive Bag
          • 1 x Safety Strap

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